How high is The High Priest?

At the core of the faith of Solipsology is the concept of intrinsic global equality; the same principles which guided the Enlightenment and the US Declaration of Independence. Each of us are an instance, therefore, how can it be that the High Priest is the High Priest? How high is the High Priest?

Legend has it that Moses wrote the Pentateuch or Torah; the first five books of the The Bible. Historians doubt whether any such person ever existed. It is likely that his character and the stories that go along with it, are an amalgam of various spiritual leaders and tales passed on by word of mouth. The logical explanation for the parting of the Red Sea is that it didn’t happen, and that the story grew from some innocent event. Similarly, there are those who doubt the existence of Jesus Christ. Whomever the story was based on almost certainly didn’t rise from the grave or have blue eyes as commonly depicted, for that matter, as they would have been of Middle Eastern descent. If the prophet Mohammed existed, he probably did not ride the Buraq. Even alien visitation is a more likely explanation than a heavenly winged steed (note, however, that the Church neither supports nor refutes the possibility of extraterrestrial involvement in human affairs of any variety stating that there is simply insufficient evidence to make any judgement).

Moses, Jesus and Mohammed were not so much historical figures as influential concepts. The Church does not support personality worship as individuals are equal instances, however, the Church does recognize the human need for the worship of ideas. The recent demise of Queen Elizabeth II (may we all be blessed with her instance) highlights the distinction. While Charles II does not share nearly the popularity of his mother, his place as Monarch is assured as the concept of the monarchy is more important to the British people than the actual person holding the title; particularly true since the monarchy in Britain is largely a figurehead.

No one likes a musician or an actor or an athlete or a politician for who they are as a person. Most of us don’t even know these people as people which is why we clamour for interviews and articles. We trawl the Internet for news of our favorites, not for who they are but for the ideas they present: sweet music, escapism, sporting excellence providing a vicarious thrill, or promises of a brighter future. We think we like the people but we don’t even know them. Thus the expression: don’t meet your heroes. They probably aren’t the people you think they are. Being a lover of music, there are several artists whose creations I enjoy, despite the fact that I feel that they, as individuals, are lacking.

The individual is irrelevant. It is the idea that matters and the same is true of The High Priest of the International Church of Solipsology. It doesn’t matter who I am. I am merely an instance. What matters is the ideas that are presented. And these aren’t new or radical ideas either, unless you reside in an extremely oppressive society. They are ideas that go back at least two hundred years, some with their roots thousands of years ago. What qualifies me to present them? I could discuss studies in philosophy and history, but the answer is much simpler. There is a need for a faith based on enlightenment and rationality and there is simply nothing to fill that void – the Unitarian Church comes close the Church of Solipsology acts in concert with them – but it isn’t quite the same. In short, the reason I feel qualified to present these ideas under the banner of the International Church of Solipsology is simply because I have.

The need for a new enlightenment (or, more accurately, a resurgence) is palpable as brutal oppression again threatens the world. The High Priest is simply a title to represent this ideal. Who I am personally is of no concern as my time on this planet is limited, which is why I do not reveal my identity freely. I have named a successor so the Church will live because the Church must live. The ideals must live. I will perish, but enlightenment must live. I do not believe myself to be any “higher” than any other individual on this planet. My personal history is, in fact, very tragic, my successes few. Therefore, when you receive a communication from The High Priest, remember that this is merely a title. Judges are called “your honor” yet many are dishonorable, as is the case in Parliament where the title “honourable” is used. Many members of US Congress are neither distinguished nor gentlefolk. I call myself The High Priest yet I consider myself no higher than anyone else.

To date there has been no means for the congregation to offer responses to the sermons. Except for a few personal contacts, The High Priest is largely incommunicado, and this may strike you as elitist it isn’t. This is not snobbery. This is simply to avoid being inundated with unwanted communications (a.k.a. spam). However, shortly I will be announcing “An Evening with The High Priest” where a select few will be given the opportunity to present their questions and thoughts in an open discussion forum. I look forward to some interesting discussion. In order to participate, send an email to thehighpriest(at) stating your interest and why you would like to spend an evening with The High Priest. I’m sure, when I meet some of you I will feel what I always have; that you all are as lofty as I.


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