The International Church of Solipsology was first founded in 2006 by The High Priest as the product of a thought experiment. The outcome of that experiment is a philosophy which embraces the intrinsic equality and essential worth of all life. While most religions look to the past and insist on reverence to dogmatic tradition, Solipsology encourages reverence to rationality and enlightenment. Terminology used in the Church is based on jargon from the modern field of Information Technology.

Solipsology is not solipsism. While the core belief is based on the idea of a single soul, that is not to say that any individual possesses that soul to the exclusion of all others, rather that we are all instances of that one soul. Solipsology borrows the Eastern idea of karma and recognizes its Newtonian nature. It takes established religions and sculpts its philosophy from those lessons which are still current and relevant.

Central is the idea attributed to the character of Jesus Christ: do to others what you would have them do to you (Matthew 7:12). In every dealing, actually take a moment to imagine being the recipient of your words or action and imagine your response. It is important to remember that you are merely an instance as are they – you may become the recipient of your actions. Is that what you want? Ask yourself this question every time.

As with Eastern philosophies, having a true understanding of fellow man is near impossible but the important thing is to strive for the understanding as the exercise is as enlightening as the actual understanding, for it is a step on the path.

Unlike other religions, Solipsology recognizes that times change and that a philosophy for one time does not necessarily make sense in another and that its mindless application leads to conflict. For that purpose, Solipsology bases its philosophy not on tradition but on rationalism; while the core tenet will never change, and Solipsology’s support for the rights and dignity of every individual is timeless, support for causes may change based on current information and most applicable logic.

Finally, Solipsology does not purport to possess any arcane or otherworldly knowledge and condemns any individual or group that does as perpetrators of charlatanism. Our greatest belief must be in ourselves and each individual among us. In our corporeal state we can have no knowledge of the supernatural and must conclude only from actual, demonstrable and verifiable evidence. The only leap of faith is the understanding that cruel, selfish and antisocial behaviour is, ultimately, self-defeating.