The Weekly Enlightenment

To date the Monday Enlightenment has been a fairly reliable publication, with only a couple of exceptions. However, I am only one person and the position of High Priest is an unpaid one. Donations made through the purchase of Church Merch go to the promotion of the Church and do not benefit the High Priest directly (in this endeavor, you can also help by telling your friends about Solipsology and by adding a link to your website). As I, therefore, have other commitments, I cannot reliably guarantee that there would be a posting every Monday.

Furthermore, I have felt, at times, that I wanted to convey more than one teaching in a week. Therefore, the Monday Enlightenment teaching will be renamed the Weekly Enlightenment. I do promise that there will usually be one teaching per week, but that may be on a Tuesday, or a Wednesday or any other day, including Monday.


Published by The High Priest