Civil Civilizations

One heavily debated subject is that of capital punishment. Should it be allowed? There are several arguments on both sides of the debate and for each argument there is a counter argument. However, at the heart of all arguments is the question of what it is to be civilized. In all definitions of civil is the concept of advancement from animalistic barbarism. One of the earliest and most well-known laws states, quite clearly, Thou shalt not kill.

Given that animalistic barbarism manifests itself as hunting for many species, it follows that to be “civil” is to respect life and respecting life is to recognize its intrinsic right to exist. Therefore, to kill is to be uncivilized and, given the premise that harmonious civilization is the primary focus of Solipsology, it naturally follows that killing is contrary to its tenets.

This, naturally, extends to all creatures, but given the reality that animal slaughter for food will continue as not everyone shares the belief in the universal sanctity of life, the consumption of animal flesh is not considered a violation as the wastage of such a creature would be a greater tragedy.

In matters of jurisprudence, capital punishment is, quite simply, barbaric. Much consideration went into this decision, even so far as to give considerable weight to the true intent: to prevent a repeat occurrence of whichever heinous crime brought the individual to the attention of the law. However, unlike other forms of criminal deterrence, it is impossible to completely exonerate a falsely accused individual; you can’t let them go after they’re dead. Therefore, the leaning was towards supporting the idea but only in extreme circumstances where the perpetrator is guilty beyond any doubt, reasonable or otherwise.

Unfortunately, rarely do people fit into this category, and those that do are so anomalous that to forgo the opportunity for psychological study, analysis and understanding would be a unconscionable deprivation to society. Beyond the practical negative ramifications of capital punishment, however, is the idea that it is just plain uncivilized. Therefore, the official position of The Church of Solipsology is that capital punishment should not be permitted and the onus is on society to ensure the safety of its citizens without resorting to barbarism.


Published by The High Priest