The religion of solitude

A solipsist is a person who believes that they are the only thinking, sentient, rational human being. Solipsology is the study of solipsism. Why do solipsists believe what they do? How do they rationalize the obvious contradictions apparent from a solipsistic viewpoint.

Solipsology seeks to explain how solipsism truly exists and the consequences of this rationalization. It explains how organized and established religion has come to be and how it has served its purpose in the past. It explains why it is irrelevant in the future.

Life is a cycle and humans grow. Solipsology shows that humanity also grows, like a single life. Interactions are repetitions.

Most importantly, by relying on fundamental principles, Solipsology shows a path for humanity that can help us, not only escape our destruction, but blossom and grow, together, as one, together, alone.


Published by The High Priest