One - Together - Alone

Have you ever felt alone? I mean, so terribly alone - as though there were no one else in the world? You may be surrounded with people and yet feel alone. You can be married and be alone. You can be the world’s greatest celebrity and be alone.

So why do we feel alone all the time when we dwell in a world that is populated by billions? The reason and the truth is simple. We are alone. Each and every one of us is utterly alone. The Jews and the Christians and the Muslims are correct, in a sense. There is only one god. What they do not tell us, though, is the fundamental truth that the one god is ourselves or, more specifically, each and every one of us. A solipsist is one who believes that they are the only conscious, thinking being in the Universe. Solipsism, it is often argued, is the product of arrogance. Serial killers are often solipsists.

So where is the benefit? What sort of person could possibly embrace the following?

The answer is simple: Solipsology is not solipsism. The Universe is not transient. We are born, we live, we die, we are reborn and we meet ourselves and we are surprised by the experience. We do this consciously, we do this knowingly and we do this for a reason. And then we deliberately forget this knowledge for the knowledge detracts from the purpose of our being - that purpose being to explore, and to analyse and to understand our own self. And we continue with experience so that we may be able to eventually reach acceptance and harmony with the demon that is the existence of our soul and the Spirit.

The Universe is filled with obnoxious paradoxes and opposites. It is this oppositeness that is the soul of our existence. We can only perceive that which is external. We best react to that which is opposite. We explore each degree of change. We are attracted, we are repulsed and we devise new challenges.

Solipsology explains this phenomenon. It describes the nature of our attractions and repulsions. It explains the Universe and presents our oxymoronic behavior using the single greatest asset that our Spirit has provided itself. As you progress through the degrees of Solipsology you will come to appreciate the beauty of our universal solitude and will come to appreciate how it can simplify, enhance and improve, not only our lives, but the lives of others - our other instances.

What follows is the core of Solipsology - to be at one with harmony, in this and other instances, it is necessary to come to terms with, to embrace and to understand the degrees of Solipsology and to practice its considerations.

Unum, universi, solitas
One, together, alone.

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